Born in 2010, the Audi A7 Sportback remains a reference in terms of elegance and presence. A large car that integrates a hatchback to be like large GT coupe, very long and wide. A classic, reviewed and corrected for its second generation developed on the basis of the most recent A8.

From a design point of view, the most striking thing is the brand new interior design. Taking the main principles of the A8 in each element, all digital, the MMI Touch Response, the dashboard opts for a more structured and driver-oriented. The result is simply beautiful, really unique in the market.

The interface is one of the best done today in the automotive market, perfect for the technological developments in driving aids and the new design language of the brand is astonishing. To note, this generation is able to communicate with its congeners, what to inform of a danger after a turn for example. This connectivity called “Car-to-X” which is expected to develop beyond a single brand to become a standard one day.

To speak about the motor characteristics, the behavior promises a very high efficiency with 4-wheel drive and steering, a variable direction and the possibility of having a pneumatic suspension, all managed by an electronic center. The weight should be contained thanks to a partly aluminum construction.

Finally, to speak about the price, the A7 is displayed in the world from 172,200 TOP (78,000 USD).

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