Recurring question about auto insurance when buying a car. Is it insured to return the vehicle for the return journey? Can we just bring the car back when the car is not insured? What are the risks ?

Is it possible to bring a car without insurance?

Every vehicle must be insured from the moment it rolls. So, if you buy a car, it must be insured even to bring it back from the garage or from the place of sale. Until you take possession of it, the vehicle is insured by the seller. He normally sends a letter of termination to his insurer with the date on which he intends to sell you the vehicle.

The insurance contract of the seller ends on the day of the sale of the car, at midnight (24h). It is therefore from the following day, if the buyer has not made any move, that the car is no longer insured. Thus, it is quite possible to bring the car back to the garage, the day you bought it, without having yet underwritten insurance, that of the seller still working for a few hours.

What are the steps?

To insure your new vehicle, you must do it at least 2 weeks in advance to make sure you make the right choice. If this is not your first vehicle and you do not want to change insurer, notify your insurance a few days before the purchase and give it the characteristics of the vehicle.

Once you have decided on an insurance formula, contact the insurer. He will propose an appointment, confirm the offer and the price, and specify the list of documents to bring to him.

The risks of driving without insurance

The legislation is strict in terms of automobile insurance. Driving without insurance exposes the driver to a penalty or even a suspension or cancellation of the driver’s license with the prohibition to redo it, and in some cases forfeiture of the vehicle.