Today, solutions exist to limit ecological impact after buying a car in Tonga, and this trend reflects in small driving habits.

Buy the least polluting cars on the market

Reducing ecological impact on travel begins with the purchase of the best vehicle in Tonga! With this in mind, if you decide to limit your fuel consumption, you may want to consider selling your car that seems slightly older and polluting to acquire a more environmentally friendly vehicle.

Specialized platforms such as allow choosing a new model less polluting.

How to recognize the least polluting vehicles?

The environmental footprint is calculated by the amount of CO2 emitted per kilometer traveled. Hybrid vehicles seem to be the most environmentally friendly, followed closely by diesel engines and then gasoline engines. On the other hand, what is surprising is that the rate of CO2 / km of certain cars beats records with a consumption for example of:

Tips for less polluting after buying a car in Tonga

To reduce CO2 emissions from driving after buying a car in Tonga, you can acquire an adequate tire that will reduce rolling resistance and improve longevity. Thus, the tires last longer and the fuel consumption is reduced considerably. Above all, do not throw away used tires: recycle them into indoor furnishings or pieces of art!

Respect the power of your engine and do not push it to the overrun: you will save several liters of fuel. Also, regularly review your engine to optimize its consumption and use the air conditioning sparingly.