When it comes to the assembly of new tires after the purchase of a car, two schools compete to know whether to mount them to the front or the rear. In this article, we will reveal where to fit your new tires finally. Whatever your car is propulsion or traction, the solution is simpler than what one believes.

Mount new tires on the drive wheels

Car tires wear out more or less quickly depending on their position. It is clear that the front tires, subjected to constant changes of direction, reach faster wear than the tires placed at the rear. This is true for the majority of current models as for the cars with propulsion (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, which always favor this architecture).

We often believe that the less worn tires must be mounted forward, and this is a mistake (even with traction)! Because the rear tires are not connected to the steering wheel, it is more difficult to judge their grip while driving, and it is likely that they will reach their limits much more quickly than expected.

Optimize the rear axle

It is therefore better to optimize the grip of the rear axle, because:

In conclusion, after buying a car with traction or propulsion in the site www.tongacars.com, there is one rule to keep in mind: the most recent tires will go to the rear for more security.