The 22nd  Car Brands Ranking by manufacturers, a major satisfaction survey of networks compared to their brands, has just announced the results of the study. Volvo reaches the 1st place while Citroën is poorly rated and is last.

When selling a new vehicle on the market, the desire and the confidence are necessary and must work in both directions: customer must be attracted by the product, the latter must be well received by the seller, the concession must be motivated by his brand … This last part is analyzed by the car brands ranking, a great investigation carried out by the company Leads Machine for the NCPA (National Council of the Professions of the Automobile) and Auto-infos.

The goal is to measure the satisfaction of networks with 23 criteria that characterize their relationship with the manufacturer they represent. The criteria noted are various and varied: attractiveness and dynamism of the range, level of quality of the vehicles delivered, quality of the training, availability of spare parts. In the end, the concession bosses questioned are 700 in number and the general average of the survey reached 5.74 / 10, stable compared to 2016.

Volvo is the highest rated car brand in 2017 with 7.29 / 10, a very good increase over last year whose rating was struggling to a small 6.47. This 1st place is the result of many innovations brought by the brand, which allowed a particular affluence of customers this year. Volvo overtakes then Mini and BMW, which lose some places but whose notes increase slightly.

Toyota climbs to 4th place and becomes the first generalist manufacturer. The famous Japanese brand is ahead of Suzuki, despite its 5th place and its progression of 3 ranks. Then Mercedes and Skoda are present, respectively in 6th and 7th place. Skoda has been falling since 2015 when he was 4th. Seat progressed to 13place and gained 8 ranks compared to 2016.

Some brands do not see 2017 as a good year. Smart dropped from 9th to 23rd place, with a score of 5.2 / 10, almost a lost point. Land Rover is 25th in the 13th place last year. The last of the class is Citroën, with a bad rating of 4.79 / 10!

If we take a 3 year average, some brands are rather stable. Mini is at the top of the rankings (6.87 / 10), ahead of BMW (6.6) and Volvo (6.54). This ranking is closed by Mazda (4.99) and Hyundai (4.41).