Sales of used vehicles in Tonga is in full growth. However, how to be sure to make a good deal when you have neither mechanical skills nor the chance to have a cousin who is a mechanic? We offer you some points of evaluation.

Check the Coast of the Used Car Online

The coast is assessed online on many estimation tools present on the Internet. It is a question of finding a reference value, known and recognized by all the players in the car market, dealers, car dealers, insurers, notaries and private individuals.

Ask the seller a question about his used vehicle

Ask for the service book and repair invoices for the used car

Check that they correspond to the car in question and that repairs of identical parts have been carried out in Tonga. Look at the dates of change of certain parts: battery, belt, filters.

Examine the used car

Does the body have traces of scratches, shocks? Find out the reason for these impacts. Check the condition of the tires, the appearance of the headlights, the rear view mirrors and the spare tire. Under the hood, look at the oil level. Turn on the engine and test the ice wipers, the lights, and the air conditioning. Observe the lights.

Retrieve the required documents

Now, you are ready to buy your used vehicle with serenity. Obviously, the most secure is to buy a used vehicle from a professional site such as, which is good way to make excellent deals at lower cost.